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16th June 2021

Should my company purchase or lease an electric or low emission car?

Until recently, company cars have been unpopular because of the high benefit in kind (BIK) charges associated with them, and it has been simpler and more tax efficient for employees and directors to claim business mileage. However, the Government is committed to ending the sale of new petrol and diesel cars in the UK by 2030, which has led to the introduction of tax incentives to encourage the use of environmentally friendly cars.

4th May 2021

Is there an optimum salary for directors?

For sole directors getting paid through their limited company’s payroll, the optimum director’s salary is £8,840 per annum (or £736.66 a month). To discuss the best option for you, get in contact.

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16th April 2021

Its been a tough year for everyone, but receiving an email like this, makes it all worth while.

"As today is the last day of our financial year and I have relied on the goodwill of Customers and suppliers so heavily, I thought I would let you know that I am especially grateful to Blackman Terry for the support over the last year and the monthly Payroll, which has never missed a beat. The team have been essential in organising us every month and has taken away a layer of hassle and stress that myself and colleagues have appreciated hugely."

Featured Case Study

Following their appointment Blackman Terry successfully obtained a sizeable refund of Corporation tax for us

Stephen, a successful IT entrepreneur based in West Sussex, outlines why he chooses Blackman Terry to look after his businesses
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