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Our tax investigations package will meet the unwanted and unexpected professional fees to defend your position in the event HMRC starts a compliance check.

A check can be much more than just querying a single aspect of your tax return. It could be a review o the whole return and all the records. That might include VAT and PAYE records or even involve an inspection by a team of HMRC officers.

HMRC has a growing appetite for launching investigations. They generated a record £28.9 billion during the last financial year from challenging accounts, tax returns and business records. It is not unusual for in-depth tax enquiries to last for well over a year and run up fees of thousands of pounds.

Once an enquiry has successfully concluded no additional tax may be due, but if you don’t subscribe to our tax investigations package you would still have your professional fees to pay.

Tax investigations and dealing with HMRC can be extremely stressful and time consuming. With our Tax investigation protection we can ease the process and reach the best possible outcome for all of our clients, whilst always complying with tax legislation.

How we can help

If you subscribe to our tax investigation package, we can help from the moment the enquiry letter arrives.

It will protect you from the fees and allow us to:

We recommend that all our clients subscribe to this service as the cost for tax investigation protection is a fraction of the typical defence costs.

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