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HMRC has previously written to VAT-registered businesses to tell them that any VAT direct debits will be cancelled if HMRC does not hold an email address for them. This is in order for HMRC to comply with UK banking  regulations.

Potential cancellation:

Affected businesses need to take action in order to continue paying by direct debit, a new direct debit is required to be set up and an email address provided. This can be done from the business’ online Business Tax Account (BTA) only. It cannot be changed over the phone and an agent cannot make the change either.

Agents will not be receiving a copy of the letter.

If a new direct debit is not created and the email address is not provided, the business will need to make payment using an alternative method. Penalties may arise on late payments.

This does not affect direct debit payments made to the VAT payment deferral scheme.

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