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Unlike many accountants, Blackman Terry are Registered Auditors. This means we are authorised by the Institute of Chartered Accountants to produce Statutory Audit Reports on company accounts which indicate whether in our opinion the accounts show a true and fair view. The benefit of this is that anyone reviewing the accounts will be more likely to trust the content – this can be particularly helpful when dealing with HMRC or potential investors in your business.

A statutory audit is only a formal requirement for larger companies but some smaller companies also choose to have an audit in certain circumstances. In some cases it may be required by a lender or investor in the business.

When carrying out an audit our focus is on providing added value to your business. During the course of our work, we will often identify areas that could be made more efficient or where cost or tax savings could be achieved. At the end of our audit work, we will run through these opportunities with you and provide further guidance as required.

As Registered Auditors, we also deal with specialist reports that are required for solicitors, travel agents and estate agents.


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